Voting up your MyUni Feature ideas in the Canvas Community

Your vote counts!

Do you have an idea for an improvement to MyUni? Quite often there may be other academic users thinking the same thing. The Canvas Community provides you with the opportunity to “vote up” an idea. You should first check what is in development in the Canvas Community ideas studio. This page shows improvements and enhancements that are being developed or tested right now. It is also worth checking the On Beta and Completed feature buttons to see what is currently being tested or has recently been implemented.

If your idea is not showing as a new development, then check the Product Radar. Here you can see all the ideas that Canvas users have asked for and voted on. This page may have as many as 2,000 ideas but it is normally only the ones with a few hundred votes that will be considered. Make sure that you have the filter set to “Radar” and “Sort by Score” then type in one or two key words related to your idea.

For example, your idea may relate to a type of peer review tool for students working in groups. You type in the key word “peer” as a search word and the results in the image below appear. The most likely of these to be developed by the Canvas developers is the one showing the highest number of individual votes.


There is a feature idea called “Peer Evaluation for Group Projects” that seems to fit with exactly what you want. To add your vote for this feature idea, you need to be logged in. As a University of Adelaide Staff member you can log in by clicking the Login at the top right of the page, then choosing then clicking the Vote Up button. The more people that vote up a feature, the more chance it has in being developed by the Canvas developers.


To see how the feature idea is going you can bookmark it through your personal settings or share it with other staff and try to get them on-board in voting it up. See “Share” and “Actions” in the top right corner of the web page for these settings. If you have any further questions about voting up in the Canvas Community, please contact Kym Schutz.

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