Creating Quizzes and Tests in MyUni using Respondus and Word

Blog article by Kym Schutz, Educational Technologist

Did you know that you can develop your online quiz or test in Microsoft Word then import it into MyUni using Respondus 4?

Let’s face it, developing large quizzes in MyUni can be time consuming when there are a large number questions. If you have more than twenty or so questions in a similar format then using Respondus can make this process much more efficient. By using one of our Respondus quiz templates you can take advantage of the convenient duplication, copy and paste features of Microsoft Word to design your quiz in half the time! These templates require the formatting to be exact but after you have done the first few quiz questions it becomes quite straightforward.

After you have finished developing your quiz in Word using the template and formatting rules, open Respondus 4, import the quiz, then export it straight into your MyUni course. Respondus picks up and warns you of any errors such as duplicating a question title. Below are four samples of Respondus quiz questions with the blue text showing items that must be typed in the exact format – otherwise error messages will occur.


If you are ready to develop your quizzes in Word go straight to the Respondus Templates page, download a template and start developing your Respondus ready quizzes right now. For more details on using Respondus in MyUni, follow the links for detailed instructions on installing Respondus, creating a Respondus quiz (without using Word) or managing your quizzes in Respondus. If you have any further questions on using Respondus please contact MyUni Support.

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