2018 Learning Enhancement & Innovation Grants

The successful 2018 Learning Enhancement and Innovation grant projects have been announced, with representation from all faculties at the University.  These small grants will deliver a range of local innovations to enhance student learning and engagement and will utilise a variety of learning technologies to achieve their aims including video, web conferencing and online portfolios. Some of the outcomes are expected to have broader application, with potential benefits for other courses.

Preparing students for on-site learning

Two of the projects will build local knowledge in using 360 degree video for teaching and learning, producing modules which will prepare students for on-site observations of surgical operations (McLiesh) and court proceedings (Whittaker).  It is hoped that this will reduce the time needed for on-site orientation, fast-tracking student comfort and understanding so they can more quickly focus on the disciplinary content they have come to learn.

A series of videos will be created for students of wine-making to learn practical and analytical techniques (Loveys & Bauer). These will be available in multiple courses for viewing on demand rather than relying on scheduled face-to-face demonstrations.

Inclusive learning design using video

A project from the Faculty of ECMS will explore various styles and extent of video captioning to maximise learning in mixed cohorts of ESB and NESB students in an Engineering program (Yong).

Facilitating more active learning

A combined project between the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of the Professions (McEntee and Viven-Wilksch) will provide models for teaching using the Echo360 Active Learning Platform and will assess its potential for summative assessment.

New interactive online pre-clinical modules for dentistry students will allow self-guided practice in clinical assessment (Doğramaci).

Offering online peer assisted study sessions

The successful face-to-face Peer Assisted Study Sessions will be redesigned for web conferencing between the Waite and North Terrace campuses, reducing the need for students to travel to attend, as well as providing digital capability in facilitating and participating in virtual collaborations (Avard).

Developing employability profiles

An online space will be created to assist students to reflect, collect and present evidence of their employability, building confidence and capability to launch a profile in public sites such as LinkedIn (Errington).

Evaluating the Learning Experience Design process

A project team will create interactives for two blended courses using the Learning Experience Design process.  The project will then evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the process for designing interactive learning experiences.

Summary of Successful Grants

Project Title Lead academic/s Faculty
“Navigating” the court room experience in an online environment Dr Alex Whittaker Sciences
Flipping the cellar floor and laboratory: Increasing the value of online video resources for undergraduate, postgraduate, domestic and international wine making students Dr Beth Loveys & Ms Jill Bauer Sciences
Video captions and inclusive learning design Ms Elizabeth Yong ECMS
Student Employability Skills Tracking Associate Professor Wayne Errington Arts
Encouraging University of Adelaide staff to use the Echo360 Active Learning Platform and evaluating effectiveness in formally assessing students Dr Joy McEntee & Ms Jessica Viven-Wilksch Arts & Professions
Learning Experience Design (LXD): An end-to-end evaluation of learning objects, from co-creation to learning impact Dr Mark Dodd Professions
Virtual Reality: preparing students for an operating theatre placement Mr Paul McLiesh Health & Medical Sciences
e-learning resource for teaching cephalometry to undergraduate dental students Dr Esma Doğramaci Health & Medical Sciences
PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) Online Pilot Program design Dr Chelsea Avard DASE



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