Learning Analytics come to life!

Do you know who your students are this semester? Would knowing about them help you to be more prepared and effective in delivering your courses?

Try the New Course Student Profile Report in LMS Analytics!

It provides demographic information about the students in your course i.e. which other courses are they studying, which other programs are they enrolled in, their study load for the semester and residence status.  This information is displayed as a dashboard of charts, which also allow you to drill down on a particular chart element by clicking on it, to see a table of the students in that group.

The Course Student Profile dashboard will help you to understand:

  • Your students’ demographics
  • Which other courses they are studying
  • Which other programs they are enrolled in
  • Their study load for the semester
  • … and more

How to access Course Student Profile

1.      Login to MyUni

2.      Go to your course

3.      Select LMS Analytics

4.      Select Course Student Profile

5.      Enter your username and password

*The report can take a short while to load due to size and content.
Be patient, it will work!

What’s in it for you?

Find out about your students’ other Course and Program Enrolments: Understand the broad areas that your students are enrolled in. This can help you to adjust your learning material to better suit their career trajectories.
Find out how many courses your students are enrolled in: The information here is useful for mapping assessment due dates to minimise students stress in assignment submissions.
Have any of your students attempted the course previously: Knowing the students who are ‘at risk’ can provide an opportunity to proactively support them in their current attempt – you might consider running specialised sessions for these students to help them understand what went wrong with their approach last time, or refer them to other support services which will provide them with an improved chance of success this semester.
‘Students by Residency Status’ – Understand the diversity of your cohort: To leverage the diversity of students in a course you may consider creating learning activities that promote cultural competence. Improve your course design: Combined with a review of other analytics reports, understanding more about your students can facilitate better preparation of course design and resources.
Other leading universities have access to similar online reports that provide students profiles. Instructors use these profiles to develop: v  strong familiarity with their students v  consider the perspectives and expectations of individuals v  Combined with a review of other analytics reports, they help to inform preparation of course design and resource to facilitate students learning
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