Immersive Technology Audit for the University of Adelaide

As you’re aware, VR (Virtual Reality), MR (Mixed Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) are technologies that are capable of providing realistic immersion into simulated and augmented environments.

Interest has been mounting considerably over the past few years in regard to the educational application of the technology, and we’re now seeing competing universities developing infrastructure, courses and degree paths in the space.  Here in the University of Adelaide, we also see considerable interest, but often those that are using immersive technologies are somewhat hidden and going it alone.  This is where the ‘Immersive Technology Audit’ comes in.

The ‘Immersive Technology Audit’ aims at bringing those of you using VR, MR and AR within your teaching and/or research into the public eye.  Gaining insight into how you’re using immersive technologies will provide the university with a less fragmented and more holistic approach moving forward as the technology matures.

The audit aims at answering the following questions:

  • How are immersive technologies being used within the University of Adelaide?
  • What is the perceived benefit/value of using immersive technologies over regular teaching and/or research methodologies?
  • Have there been any issues and hurdles during the process of bringing these technologies into teaching environments?
  • Where do you see these technologies being applied in future years?

To answer the questions above, we really need your help.  If you are using VR, MR and/or AR in any capacity here in the university, we’d very much like you to get in touch.  Please send a brief introductory email to Steven Cook explaining who you are and the kind of technology/technologies you’re using.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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