Get to know your analytics in MyUni

The analytics in MyUni combines activity data from Canvas, students and unit/course from PeopleSoft.

How can Learning Analytics be used?

  • Understand students’ behaviours and adapt to a personalised learning path.
  • Identify students and class engagement patterns online, i.e. are students logging in and accessing items/tools, and if so, when.
  • Clarify access patterns, both timing and duration, for individual students and the class. This can be particularly useful in the context of assessment submission.
  • Identify resource usage patterns i.e. what resources are students finding valuable.

LMS Analytics

The LMS Analytics tool provides two tabs with data.

  •  A list of content in the course and the number of views and participation for each item with sorting and search functionality
  • The data is an aggregation of the student Access Reports and counts the numbers of students who have and have not viewed or participated in each piece of course content
Course Student Report
  • Provides demographic information about the students in a course (displayed as a dashboard of charts) i.e.
    • Other courses they are studying
    • Other programs they are enrolled in
    • Their study load for the semester
    • Their residence status
  • Drill down on a particular chart element by clicking on it, to see a table of the students in that group

User Interface at a glance

Course Analytics
  • Shows an instructor when the cohort viewed and participated in the course
  • View the percentage of students who submitted assignments on-time, late or not at all
  • Creates box and whisker plots to show the distribution of grades in each assignment and a table at the bottom that shows page views, participation, assignments, and current score for every student in the course.
Student Analytics
  • Shows the course activities (views and participation) for the student
  • Shows conversations that have taken place between the student and the instructor(s) in the Canvas Inbox
  • Shows timeliness and scores for each submission by the student, the cohort median and the 25th-75th percentiles
  • Shows high and low scores as well as the students’ scores for each assignment
  • Shows the number of times a student viewed specific content or participated in a particular activity
  • Detailed analyses of quiz questions statistics –
    • Number of attempts per students (when applicable)
    • Shows quiz summary and question breakdown (including discrimination indexes)
    • Downloadable student analysis and item analysis reports
Student Context
  • Provides a simplified overview of a student’s progress in the course –
    • submissions
    • page views
    • participation
Student Grades
  • View individual student grades via the ‘Marks’ page or the Student Context card, includes
    • name, due date, score and points possible for each assignment, as well as a summary
Access Report
  • List each module/file in the course –
    • that a student has visited
    • the number of times it has been viewed and participated in
    • the time it was last viewed
Echo 360 Analytics
  • View analytics for all classes in a course, individual classes, and student engagement information
  • Analytics are filtered by engagement, attendance, content views, questions asked, notes taken, and overall participation. Further information…
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