Mastering learning using MasteryPaths

Learners can come into a course with different levels of understanding, and different learning expectations. MasteryPaths is a MyUni feature that can help personalise a student’s learning journey by allowing them to fast track or do optional learning along the way.

Figure 1 is a flowchart of a learning sequence that includes five phases. In the first phase the learner completes a range of introductory readings, video and activities. They then do a carefully designed pre-assessment quiz that determines whether they need to complete all of Streams 1, 2 and 3. If they score well in the pre-assessment then they skip past Stream 2 or even the more difficult Steam 3 level. In the example course shown in Figure 2, a low score in the pre-assessment quiz opens up the Steam 1 learning path. If they pass the Stream 1 quiz then the the Stream 2 learning path opens up (Figure 3). A pass here opens Stream 3. The main assessment quiz is only available after successfully completing the Stream 3 quiz.

To pass this course, the learner must pass the main assessment quiz shown as Phase 4. In the flowchart this shows as “Course Completed”. In this example we have also introduced a path that allows the learner to repeat the assessment, after some further study, and attempt to achieve a higher score.

MasteryPaths also has a feature setting that can allow students to choose optional learning components within the stream. For example, a student could be given the choice of a quiz or a reading activity to move to the next stream.

For more details on using MasteryPaths in your course visit the MyUni Learning Centre.

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