Moving to Education 3.0

As the commencement of Semester 1 quickly approaches many of us are beginning to prepare for the new influx of eager students who are hungry to learn and achieve within the University environment. Many of the 2019 first year students who will be joining us this year are true millennials in every sense of the word. These iGen students are technologically savvy, multicultural learners who expect information to be delivered quickly and with easy accessibility. They want to know why they are learning and how it will inform their future career goals. These new and emerging learners pose an interesting question for us: How do we cater for this new generation of students and are we millennial educators?

In a recent education forum, John Moravec, founder of Education Futures, presented on the move from Education 1.0 to Education 3.0. As can been seen in the diagram below Education 3.0 is centred on rich, contextually relevant content and a philosophy of heutagogy.

Education 3.0 places the student at the heart of learning and learning at the heart of everything and everywhere. Teaching is done by the academic, student, technology and broad community whilst also preparing learners for future industry by developing them as entrepreneurs and critical and creative thinkers.

So as you prepare your course for 2019 do you see a program of study centred on Education 3.0 or one tied to the philosophies of Education 1.0?

If you would like to discuss the issues raised in this blog post or find out more about moving your course towards Education 3.0 please contact a Learning Designer.

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