Support for Semester 2

With the start of semester 2 just around the corner, we wanted to make sure that you are prepared.

As we did in Semester 1, we are running our series of MyUni training, workshops and ‘drop in’ support services again. Find out what is available to you this semester here.

What else is new in Semester 2, 2019?

Updates from Media Production

Recording Studio Tours

We are offering recording studio tours. Learn how to use the recording suite, meet the team that will assist you, and find out what video capabilities are available to you. The available tours are listed below. If you are interested in participating in any of these tours, please meet at the Recording Studio on level 2 of the Barr Smith Library.

Week 1
Monday 15th July – 3-4pm – BSL STUDIO TOUR
Wednesday 17th July 10-11am – BSL STUDIO TOUR
Friday 19th July – 9am-12pm – Lightboard Demo

Week 2
Monday 22nd July – 10-11am – BSL STUDIO TOUR
Wednesday 24th July – 2-3pm BSL STUDIO TOUR
Friday 26th July – 9am-12pm Lightboard Demo

To book a demo outside of these times, please email

Updates from the Library 


From the beginning of Semester 2, we will no longer have access to Equella. For more details on the new course reading tool, please click here.

Re-use reading lists from the previous semester

From 8 July onwards, the ability to re-use reading lists will be enabled. For additional materials about the course reading tool, please refer to the library website.

Updates from Learning Analytics

Spacing and Pacing of Assessment using Data

We have the tools to assist Academics in their planning of due dates for student assessments throughout the semester in order to avoid competing deadlines for students in their other courses.

The tools are Course Student Profile and Assessment Mapping Report in the Learning Analytics site.

The data can be sourced by following these instructions:

  1. Go to the Course Student Profile in your MyUni course,
  2. Identify the main courses that your students are also taking,
  3. Download the Assessment Mapping Report from the LA site,
  4. Filter that report to the courses identified in step 2,
  5. Set due dates for assessments that will avoid as many clashes as possible or liaise with other academics about moving theirs

For more information about how to do this, please contact Learning Analytics:


OnTask Communication Tool Workshops

OnTask is a tool that assists instructors to improve the academic experience of students through the delivery of timely, personalised and actionable student feedback throughout their participation in a course.

Why is feedback important? Feedback can:

  • raise students’ consciousness of the strengths of their work
  • boost students’ confidence and self-concept regarding personal strengths and abilities
  • provide guidance on areas for further development of skills and enhancement of work
  • enhance students’ own judgement, understanding of assessment criteria and ability to self-audit their own work

To learn how to use the OnTask Communication Tool, please register in one of the available workshops here.

We’ve got your back! Let us help take the stress out of starting the new semester.

So, what next?

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