Introducing our Student Partners…

In the Learning Enhancement and Innovation Team, we have a number of Student Partners who are undertaking a range of roles, all with diverse educational backgrounds. We interviewed some of our current Student Partners and asked about their involvement with the Student as Partners program. Keep reading to hear what they have to say!

Kristy Davis:
Currently doing her Master of Education and is in her final year of the two-year program

Zhen (Catherine) Ma:
Studying a Master of International Management and in her first year of the program

Katerina Grypma:
In her third year of a Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Environmental Policy and Management

Joel Smith:
Undertaking his third year of a Bachelor of Psychological Science


How do you think being a Student Partner in the LEI team can benefit you?

Kristy: Being a part of the LEI team at Adelaide has allowed me to participate in a range of learning and program design opportunities. This is my passion and I have expanded my knowledge of this from the secondary school context into the tertiary sector. I was also able to be a workshop facilitator at the International Students as Partners Institute 2019 which was an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Zhen: Being a student partner allows me to be closer to some of the university’s reforms, and represent the most authentic student feelings and suggestions to see the better development for the University of Adelaide. I also feel honored and proud to participate in the process of building a better university.

Katerina: It’s a good chance to practice and develop customer service and general people skills, it’s also an interesting insight into what goes on behind the scenes regarding courses and the student experience of them. I benefit from forming new relationships with the people I work with and learning from them about a variety of things; e.g. MyUni, learning design theories, and methods, various digital platforms and aids to learning.

Joel: Being a student partner provides the opportunity to undertake a variety of interesting and meaningful tasks that help develop and nurture important professional skills.


How did you find out about joining as a Student Partner?

Kristy: I was invited to become a student partner after completing a program codesign with staff within the School of Education and the LEI.

Zhen: After being involved in the Adelaide Graduate Award, I tried to find more opportunities to enhance my university life in different ways, such as the volunteer program which is located under the engage tab of the official University of Adelaide website.

Katerina: A friend who works at Ask Adelaide told me about the LEO role when recruitment was occurring and thought I would be interested 🙂

Joel: The University of Adelaide CareerHub website.


What would you love to be a part of while a Student Partner?

Kristy: Within the LEI partnership conducting a research project alongside a faculty member to improve the student experience would be an amazing opportunity.

Zhen: I’d like to see the efforts of the university to continuously seek our advice and feedback to make the student’s experience more perfect, which also makes the students and the university closed — a unique and efficient way provided to students for achieving mutual benefit. 

Katerina: The creation of content and courses which are interesting and fun as well as easy to navigate and clearly presented (both in terms of general course structure/ delivery and on MyUni).

Joel: Working on a project that will have significant benefits for students across the University of Adelaide.

Want to get involved? If you’re a student wanting to get involved with the Students as Partners program, please fill out the online form, or for teachers who would like to engage, get in touch with your faculty learning designer.

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