How to start your semester on the right track!

It’s that time of the year again. With semester 1 only a matter of weeks away, we wanted to ensure that you are as prepared as possible. The start of this semester may be a little different to other years, as we need to acknowledge and take into account the effects of the travel ban.

We’ve put together a collection of helpful resources to get your semester started on the right track.


Learning Enhancement and Innovation have compiled a collection of resources to assist:

  • Course coordinators and teaching staff to modify courses for temporary remote delivery during the travel ban
  • Students in learning effectively whilst studying remotely

To access these resources, click here. 


Introduction to MyUni Online Course

We have put together an easy to navigate online course called Introduction to MyUni. This course has been put together to provide Academic and Professional staff with essential knowledge on the use of MyUni. To find out more about this new online resource, read our Q&A blog on how it was developed.

The course is made up of four modules:

  • Getting started in MyUni
  • Building a course in MyUni
  • Assessing & providing feedback
  • Publishing a course

Self-enrol here

MyUni Search Function

There is now a search function that has been added to MyUni that makes all text-based content materials searchable. This search function can help save time by finding specific information from current or past courses. Find out more about the MyUni Search Function here.


Academic Skills Resources

The Academic Skills Resources are a collection of resources focused on developing essential capabilities to support students in creating various forms of academic work. They can now be accessed through the Assignment Help tab in MyUni, making them available to all students and academic staff. Find out more about these resources here.

Faculty Roadshows

Learning Enhancement and Innovation will be holding 10-minute information sessions in schools across all faculties. These sessions are used to run through the services, support and opportunities offered by Learning Enhancement and Innovation.

Please contact the Deputy Dean of your school to find out when your information session will be held.


Course Coordinator Checklist

Getting ready to publish a course on MyUni? Use this Checklist to prepare for teaching in MyUni and check how your course matches the Requirements for Minimum Use of MyUni.

Instructor Resources and Support

Within the MyUni Learning Centre are a series of instructor guides on canvas, Echo360 and Learning Analytics. To access these resources, click here.


How to use data to understand your students and anticipate their learning needs

Insights gained from learning analytics can shape the way a course is taught. While many use data for the purpose of review after a course is delivered, the use of data to prepare for teaching a course is often overlooked.

Find out more about ways in which you can use data to help shape your teaching for the semester.

Spacing and Pacing of Assessment using Data

We have the tools to assist Academics in their planning of due dates for student assessments throughout the semester in order to avoid competing deadlines for students in their other courses.

The tools are Course Student Profile and Assessment Mapping Report  on the Learning Analytics site.

The data can be sourced by following these instructions:

  1. Go to the Course Student Profile in your MyUni course,
  2. Identify the main courses that your students are also taking,
  3. Download the Assessment Mapping Report from the LA site,
  4. Filter that report to the courses identified in step 2,
  5. Set due dates for assessments that will avoid as many clashes as possible or liaise with other academics about moving theirs

For more information about how to do this, please contact Learning Analytics:

New Analytics: real-time communication to students based on engagement 

In late 2019, New Analytics was rolled out for all courses in MyUni, providing teaching staff with a simple and effective way to provide vital feedback to students, based on student engagement and assignment results data.

New Analytics provides data visualisations on student engagement (page views and participations) as well as student grades across the course. Teaching staff can then use these data to send communications to students based on assignment submission status, assignment grades, views and participations with specific course resources. Providing students with targeted, timely feedback during semester has been shown to increase their engagement and satisfaction within a course, leading to increased pass rates and higher SELT scores.

New Analytics is available now for all courses in MyUni. A brief guide can be found here. Get in touch with the Learning Analytics team if you have any questions.


MyUni Intro Videos

A high-quality scripted course introduction video can help to set the scene for the upcoming semester. The Media Production Team can provide a BSL Studio demo and help staff to load scripts into the teleprompter. Staff can then record their video and provide a BOX link to the team, along with a completed list of edit instructions (using the template provided). The Media Production Team then do the post-production work, add University branding and provide staff with a file ready to go into any course. Want to know more about production services? Read our blog on Enhancing learning with video.

To request a video, please fill out our web form.

If you’re interested in a recording studio tour, please contact to make arrangements.

We’ve got your back! Let us help take the stress out of starting the new semester.

So, what next?

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