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Making maths accessible to everyone: A Q&A with Dr Melissa Humphries

Dr Melissa Humphries is Lecturer from the School of Mathematical Sciences and also a Course Instructor in the new MathTrackX XSeries Program. The MathTrackX Program is the University of Adelaide’s year 12 online maths bridging program, offered through the edX platform. The program consists of 6 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that have been made […]

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My role as a Course Ambassador: a Q&A with Olivia Pineau

Course Ambassadors are students employed by Learning Enhancement and Innovation on a casual basis to assist individual Course Coordinators, teaching teams, and teaching support teams in supporting the University’s efforts to deliver remote learning opportunities. Course Ambassadors aid teaching staff in the use of MyUni and the implementation of learning experiences for remote learners, including collection of engagement […]

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What is an Educational Technologist? A Q&A with Eman Rashwan

Have you ever wondered what an Educational Technologist does? With our focus this month being on technology in learning and teaching, we interviewed Eman Rashwan to find out about her role. Eman has worked in the eLearning space for almost 13 years and across several countries. Here’s what she had to say:

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My Internship at KPMG: A Q&A with Megan Vuong

The Australian Financial Review recently published an article titled “Taking Steps to Produce a Job-Ready Generation” which listed the University of Adelaide as a finalist in the Most Employable Students Award, and also listed KPMG as a finalist in the Most Popular Internship Employer (large) Award. Developing student employability is a big focus for the […]

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Improving group dynamics with SPLAT – Q&A Hayley McGrice

SPLAT is an online tool used by students to assess the contributions of individual members of their team, as well as themselves. Using course coordinator-defined criteria, an individual weighting factor, more commonly known as a Peer Assessment Factor or PAF, can be calculated for each student. This PAF score can be used to underpin a mentoring […]

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ADEPTing to Learning Analytics – Q&A with Dr. David Wilson

The ADEPT Professional Development program provides staff with the opportunity to further develop their capabilities, underpinning knowledge to create and deliver contemporary, student-driven and collaborative learning environments. We spoke with Dr. David Wilson about the recent ADEPT learning analytics module available for staff:

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Real world experience: Q&A with Katy Dolman

Katy Dolman, Manager, Internships shares her knowledge on internships and how valuable they can be for students. Internships can provide experience for students in a real-life setting and will allow for students to continue developing soft-skills and and allow them to further expand their network.

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PEP Talk: Q&A with a LEO

The LEI team has maintained and continued to grow a student presence in all our projects. We do this with a little help from our Learning Enhancement Officers (LEOs). Our LEO’s work with academics, most notably in the Program Enhancement Partnership (PEP) workshops. In this space, our LEO’s are the student representative and are involved […]

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PEP in your step: Q&A with Dr. Jerome Buhl

Being involved in our PEP workshops, can fast track your course design process and allow you to enter the semester with a solid framework. Working with our learning designers and student representatives allows for a safe space for trial and error and for the development of new ideas. We spoke with Dr. Jerome Buhl about […]

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Careers in Curriculum

Calling all teachers: Do your students need more insight into the workforce ahead of them? Would you like to present real-world examples of work opportunities and career paths? Are you seeking industry involvement for lecture content? Are you interested in your students having access to some Career Readiness online courses? Yes? Then the Careers in Curriculum (CIC) […]

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