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Using Interactives to engage students in your course

At times in the depths of course content delivery students can feel like they’re drowning in an ocean of information overload. So how do we throw a lifeline to these students? One way might be to include consolidation interactives into your course. There are a wide range of interactives available that can help confirm understanding […]

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Students as partners in PEP

By Rebecca Batelaan and Thomas Crichton The Learning Enhancement and Innovation team runs Program Enhancement Partnership (PEP) workshops with Program Coordinators, Course Coordinators, Learning Designers, and Research Librarians to design, map, and constructively align the curriculums of programs and courses. These workshops are based on a method devised by Professor Gilly Salmon, which follows a […]

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Students love branched scenarios..

“Fun and interactive way to learn a topic and a nice departure from the usual presentations we are accustomed to.” – student comment. Dr Ben Saxon recently collaborated with me and Michael Brockhouse (Learning Resource Developer, LEI) to build and deploy a PowerPoint branched scenario to teach anaemia in the MBBS 5th year Paediatrics rotation. […]

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What tool to use…

So you’ve spoken with the learning designers, attended a series of Carpe Diem workshops and engaged in a hearty debate with fellow colleagues about best practices and learning outcomes for your course. You’re all enthused about adding something interactive and innovative to your course, but how do you go about building it? What tools or […]

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Designing learning in Virtual Reality

Virtual realities can give us learning opportunities we have never had before. The extra dimension provides an environment that we can take advantage of, however we need to think about it and ask ourselves questions such as ‘why’ and ‘how’. Focus on learning should always come first so that the technology fits the learning objectives […]

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Get to know your analytics in MyUni

The analytics in MyUni combines activity data from Canvas, students and unit/course from PeopleSoft. How can Learning Analytics be used? Understand students’ behaviours and adapt to a personalised learning path. Identify students and class engagement patterns online, i.e. are students logging in and accessing items/tools, and if so, when. Clarify access patterns, both timing and […]

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Mastering learning using MasteryPaths

Learners can come into a course with different levels of understanding, and different learning expectations. MasteryPaths is a MyUni feature that can help personalise a student’s learning journey by allowing them to fast track or do optional learning along the way. Figure 1 is a flowchart of a learning sequence that includes five phases. In […]

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Branched scenarios are easy to make in PowerPoint

Have you ever wondered ‘How do I get my students to explore and learn at the same time?‘. You’re not alone. Dr Ben Saxon (Paediatrics), Michael Brockhouse and I recently worked on building a branched scenario in Powerpoint to help medical students learn about childhood anaemia. The scenario is currently being used in the course […]

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Learning Analytics come to life!

Do you know who your students are this semester? Would knowing about them help you to be more prepared and effective in delivering your courses? Try the New Course Student Profile Report in LMS Analytics! It provides demographic information about the students in your course i.e. which other courses are they studying, which other programs […]

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Introducing the New Gradebook in MyUni

The new gradebook will be switched on for all MyUni courses from Semester 2, 2018! There are some new features but you should find switching over fairly straightforward. The first thing you will probably notice is the menu items on the top left. To change the order of sorting according to name, date or number […]

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