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PEP Talk: Q&A with a LEO

The LEI team has maintained and continued to grow a student presence in all our projects. We do this with a little help from our Learning Enhancement Officers (LEOs). Our LEO’s work with academics, most notably in the Program Enhancement Partnership (PEP) workshops. In this space, our LEO’s are the student representative and are involved […]

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Using Interactives to engage students in your course

At times in the depths of course content delivery students can feel like they’re drowning in an ocean of information overload. So how do we throw a lifeline to these students? One way might be to include consolidation interactives into your course. There are a wide range of interactives available that can help confirm understanding […]

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Yes, No and WOW!

Blog by Cecily Wright, Mary Hill and Stephen Leahy, Learning Designers According to Milton Glaser, a celebrated graphic designer in the United States “there are three responses to a piece of design- yes, no and WOW!  WOW is the one to aim for”.  But how and why should we aim for WOW in learning design?  […]

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