Welcome back! Time to set up your MyUni course

Happy new year from the MyUni Support Team! As we welcome everyone back from holidays we would like to remind you about the help available for setting up your MyUni Course. If you require courses to be merged, this will need to be completed prior to any course set up. This process is managed in the […]

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Get to know your analytics in MyUni

The analytics in MyUni combines activity data from Canvas, students and unit/course from PeopleSoft. How can Learning Analytics be used? Understand students’ behaviours and adapt to a personalised learning path. Identify students and class engagement patterns online, i.e. are students logging in and accessing items/tools, and if so, when. Clarify access patterns, both timing and […]

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Critical Prep: Providing early and meaningful feedback

Providing meaningful feedback to students goes beyond a final mark on a summative piece of assessment. Meaningful feedback is provided early and often throughout a student’s study. It provides guidance to students and encourages reflection, action, improvement, planning, and the list goes on. The impact that feedback can have on student success cannot be overstated. […]

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You’re now more satisfied with MyUni

You told us that you’re now more satisfied with MyUni and we couldn’t be happier. It’s been a big year in MyUni with the successful implementation of Canvas and Echo. And survey results are telling us you feel it was worthwhile. There has been a significant increase in both staff and student overall satisfaction compared […]

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MyUni features update

MyUni is regularly updated with new features and fixes. You can keep up to date by visiting the What’s new in MyUni page in the MyUni Learning Centre. Some of the latest updates: An embed Echo360 video button is now available in the Canvas Rich Text Editor. Find out more about embedding Echo360 videos into Canvas. Groups […]

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Finalising your Gradebook – 3 keys to success

Blog by Adi Rai and Martin Basic    We’re almost at the finish line for Semester 2, so don’t let your Gradebook slow you down in the race. Here are 3 keys to ensuring you look your best on the podium: Mark all non-submissions as 0: Use the assignment drop-down menu to assign a 0 score […]

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Building your 2018 MyUni course

When can I get started? Courses for 2018 will be created in MyUni towards the end of 2017. There will be an announcement in MyUni when courses for 2018 are available. If you’d like to get started on your 2018 course now, please contact MyUni Support to request creation of a course shell. Will my […]

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How are students doing in your course?

Instructors are increasingly using data in MyUni to reveal insights into student activity including student progress towards completing their assessments. You can also use MyUni tools to identify students at risk to help get them back on track. Dr Dirk Boehe has been exploring MyUni data and shared “You may want to know whether your […]

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Upcoming Canvas analytics seen at InstCon0017

Blog by Travis Cox, Director Learning Enhancement and Innovation Reviewing some of my photos taken at InstructureCon 2017, I discovered a few pics from a keynote which had not been more widely shared. These show some of the analytics which were (from memory) to be delivered in the next 3-4 months after the conference. I […]

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Did you know?

Your students can now generate originality reports for draft assignments in Turnitin from MyUni Canvas. Students can join the course to upload draft assignments for checking. Handy hint: you can also use this course to check your own documents Rather than extending due dates on an assessment for all students and impacting your analytics, you […]

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