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“Making Cool Stuff” – The Learning Resource Developer Story

Back in ages, long lost to history, the Learning Resource Development team consisted of two talented individuals who developed and built a wide variety of learning resources. Now, in the distant future of 2019, that ancient, proud tradition is continuing. If you were not aware of our team’s existence in the past, this blog should […]

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Students love branched scenarios..

“Fun and interactive way to learn a topic and a nice departure from the usual presentations we are accustomed to.” – student comment. Dr Ben Saxon recently collaborated with me and Michael Brockhouse (Learning Resource Developer, LEI) to build and deploy a PowerPoint branched scenario to teach anaemia in the MBBS 5th year Paediatrics rotation. […]

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Branched scenarios are easy to make in PowerPoint

Have you ever wondered ‘How do I get my students to explore and learn at the same time?‘. You’re not alone. Dr Ben Saxon (Paediatrics), Michael Brockhouse and I recently worked on building a branched scenario in Powerpoint to help medical students learn about childhood anaemia. The scenario is currently being used in the course […]

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