Team Spotlight: Learning Systems & Innovation

The Learning Enhancement and Innovation unit is comprised of several teams that work across different aspects of learning and teaching. Our teams work collaboratively within the unit to achieve the shared goal of ‘building better graduates’. Each month, we will do a spotlight on an individual team to understand what roles they play within the […]

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Improving group dynamics with SPLAT – Q&A Hayley McGrice

SPLAT is an online tool used by students to assess the contributions of individual members of their team, as well as themselves. Using course coordinator-defined criteria, an individual weighting factor, more commonly known as a Peer Assessment Factor or PAF, can be calculated for each student. This PAF score can be used to underpin a mentoring […]

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How group work enhances employability

Despite being every student’s pet peeve, group assignments are hugely important for personal development and future employability. The University of Adelaide prides itself on producing graduates with qualities and characteristics that are transferable beyond the disciplinary context in which they have been developed. It is group work in particular that aligns with two of the University’s […]

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Self and Peer Learning Assessment Tool available in your course

Blog article by Kym Schutz, Educational Technologist Academics have asked for a MyUni tool that provides a way for students to assess the contributions of individual members in their team, as well as themselves when doing groupwork. SPLAT (Self and Peer Learning Assessment Tool) now available in all courses, provides a confidential assessment mechanism that […]

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