Visiting researchers from the Netherlands

Dr Getty Huisman-de Waal and Dr Maud Heinen from Radboud University in the Netherlands will be visiting the School from Tuesday 10th January until Monday 16th January 2017.

Maud and Getty are part of a large research team called Basic Care Revisited, which spans three universities in Netherlands. For more on the Basic Care Revisited program, click here.

Getty is a post-doc working at the Radboud University Institute for Health Sciences and her program of research focuses primarily on nutrition. Maud also works at Radboud University and her work as part of the Basic Care Revisited team focuses primarily on communication and patient involvement.

As part of their visit, Getty and Maud will meet with colleagues at the School to discuss our Fundamentals of Care research stream and how it relates to their Basic Care Revisited program. We will be focusing in particular on nursing students’ perceptions of fundamental care and discussing the possibility of future collaborations.

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