Have you considered the many varied and diverse career paths that are open to chemists and physicists? Learn how these pathways can lead you to a range of exciting careers from chemical and biotechnology industries to defence research that can take you anywhere in the world. Come and learn about photonics which is the science of ‘light’, using lasers and fibre optics. Photonics is seen as the latest, greatest and fastest growing industry in Australia, and predicted to produce around 18,000 new jobs by 2010. If you enjoy chemistry or physics, come along and find out about our six leading-edge named degrees: EcoChemistry; Molecular & Drug Design; Nanoscience & Materials; Space Science and Astrophysics, High Performance Computational Physics, and Optics and Photonics. Learn more about a BSc, majoring in chemistry and/or physics. The far reaches of the universe is the limit.

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Come and find out about our degree pathways in animal and veterinary science! Students can pursue a career in either animal or veterinary science here in South Australia with the University of Adelaide. Do you know the various career opportunities that a degree in Animal or Veterinary Science can give you?

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Have you considered a career in Australia’s expanding food industry? Want to use traditional and cutting-edge molecular techniques to improve Australian agriculture? Is grape and wine production more to your liking? Want to discover what our degrees in Viticulture & Oenology, Agricultural Science and Food Science & Nutrition can give you? Did you know about the high demand for our agriculture graduates from across industry? If you enjoy biology, chemistry or agriculture, come to this session and find out about the exciting career opportunities in Agriculture, Food and Wine and the pathways to get you there.

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What jobs are available in the area of environmental management and sustainability? What will you learn in an Evolutionary Biology degree and where will it lead? What is ecochemisty? Did you know that you can study marine biology at the University of Adelaide? Also, find out about our degree in Natural Resources! What new opportunities exist in the mining area that are not engineering? If you like field trips and the outdoors and you enjoy biology, environmental science or earth science, come to this session and find out about the exciting career opportunities in these areas.

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Find out about careers in biomedical science or molecular biology. How are simple plants and animals used to develop our understanding of important biological problems? What advances have been made in biomedical research? How does molecular biology help us understand human reproduction and our iconic native animals? If you like biology or chemistry, this presentation will provide you with lots of exciting options and career paths to consider.

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Why study science? What kind of job will a degree in the sciences lead to? Come along to this session and find out why it is an exciting time for students to study the sciences and hear about the diverse career paths that our graduates pursue.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to hear about the significant role you can play as an engineer, computer scientist or mathematician of the future. Learn how the right choice of program can prepare you for a challenging and rewarding career. This discussion will highlight the future of engineering and computer science and the importance of mathematics in relation to relevant issues such as sustainability, renewable energy, the mining boom and information and communication technology industries.

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A discussion that will emphasise the diversity of mechanical engineering with a focus on the opportunities that await successful graduates from some of South Australia’s most sought after and unique engineering programs. Graduates from this discipline design and create projects, products and processes which are environmentally sustainable, reliable and economically sound. With a solid knowledge base and wide set of life skills, graduates have gained employment in a variety of industries from robotics, laser technology and biomedical research through to aerospace, as exemplified by famous graduate Dr Andy Thomas, Australia’s first astronaut.

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How did engineers and engineering technology affect the development of human civilisation? Where are we now and what will future civilisations look like? Where would society be without safe homes and buildings or without an effective transport system? Learn about how our civilisation depends on civil and mining engineers and about their developing role in modern society.

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We are still in the midst of the computer revolution. Our society has been transformed and continues to transform due to new technologies and the businesses and services that are spawned from these technologies. Companies, products and services, such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, eBook, Kindle, eBay, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Twitter just didn’t exist 10–15 years ago. The transformation of society in terms of the way we socialise, work, and entertain ourselves is huge. Moreover, behind each of these companies, products and services, is an interesting story of self-made billionaires motivated by the fun and potential of exploring new technologies.

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