The 8th Clare Bone Meeting, March 28-31, 2014

 Participants at the 8th Clare Bone meeting

An excellent 8th Clare Bone Meeting, part sponsored by COTR, and organised by David Findlay, Gerald Atkins, Tony Pohl and Paul Anderson, was held at the end of March. The meeting boasted a wonderful national and international faculty, the latter including Prof Paola Pajevic from Harvard University, Boston; Prof Marie-Hélène Lafage Proust from Saint Etienne, France, Prof Astrid Bakker From Amsterdam, and Prof  Rene St Arnaud from Montreal, Canada. Attendees included researchers, clinicians and industry representatives from across Australia, as well as four British Orthopaedic Research Society (BORS) Fellows, who made the Clare meeting and COTR the feature of their time in Australia. The meeting was again voted an outstanding success in terms of the science presented, the friendships and collaborations confirmed and begun and the linking of research to the clinic. Further details, including the program, are available from

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