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A CETA for Australia? – Hein Roelfsema

This week in Bratislava the EU Council will decide the on the the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with Canada. In contrast to TTIP between the EU and US, CETA is a done deal pending approval of regional parliament in Wallonia. The negotiation process so far has been unusually swift for EU standards. Given […]

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Showing the benefits of Europe – Hein Roelfsema

There is an atmosphere of cautious waiting in the Brussels air. Major elections to come in France, Germany, as well as here in the Netherlands. But already some very worrying first drops start to come down. A very undecided ‘State of the Union’ speech by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker succeeded in the goal of […]

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Apple tax decision European Commission implied powers – Hein Roelfsema

Although last week’s taxation decision by the European Commission (EC) was widely anticipated, the €13bn size of the Apple ruling last week caused a shockwave within the European Union (EU) as well as between the EU and the US. As a university professor at the start of the academic year, the Apple case provides for […]

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EU sanctions on Russia: Quo Vadis? – Hein Roelfsema

A few weeks ago, the EU extended its sanctions against Russia for another 6 months. However, some days before that move Russia had already extended its sanctions on the EU for one and a half years. So, this fight is turning out to be a battle of wills or, better, a War of Thrones. Currently, […]

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