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Realising economic reform in China – Christopher Findlay & Chunlai Chen

In an article just published in the East Asia Forum, Christopher Findlay and Chunlai Chen (a PhD graduate of the University of Adelaide, now at ANU) argue that the Chinese economy faces two fundamental challenges. One is the risk of a financial crisis. The other, possibly more difficult to deal with, is resistance by the […]

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Free trade gains even greater when allow for employment effects – Benedikt Heid

An article co-authored by the School of Economics’ latest recruit Benedikt Heid has just been published in the leading economics journal, the Journal of International Economics. The article estimates the gains to countries from trade liberalisation when employment effects are explicitly allowed for. For example, the article estimates that the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) […]

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The coming utilities crisis: huge risks for consumers and taxpayers

At last week’s Energy Networks Conference (held in Adelaide), electricity industry leaders were adamant that the future for traditional utility business models was very dim (see, for example, Electricity market smashed by technology). AGL Managing Director Andy Vesey said that business models based on the traditional technology paradigm – large-scale generation, large-scale wires and electricity […]

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Boost infrastructure investment through key reforms – Darryl Gobbett

In a recent speech to the 2016 South Australian Infrastructure Conference in Adelaide, Darryl Gobbett made several recommendations to help improve South Australia’s economic performance, including: Boost infrastructure investment that focuses on cost-reduction, output, exports and regional SA; Establish a SA Productivity Commission to determine investment and other priorities; and Fund investment priorities though a broad-based […]

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Going for growth – Christopher Findlay

Australians are asking ‘where will economic growth come from?’  A common response is ‘structural reform’, about which we are likely to hear more and more in coming weeks as the election campaign proceeds. What is that and does it matter?  Structural reform has many dimensions but really it’s about making market works better as they […]

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Australia’s beef with Chinese Investment – Christopher Findlay

The $371m bid for the Kidman cattle properties by Dakang Australia (80% Chinese owned) was knocked back in late April by the Federal Treasurer, according to the current policy to review foreign purchases of agricultural land. Australia is a host of foreign director investment (FDI) in many sectors of the economy.  Annual FDI (net) inflows […]

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SA must take risks – Dick Blandy

In a recent article in InDaily (available here), Dick Blandy argues that South Australia needs to throw off its conservative, timid approach to create a multi-faceted new economy if it is to bounce back and prosper in the medium term future and beyond.

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Another leading economist called for regulated asset write-downs

Leading economist Professor Ross Garnaut has called for the write-downs in the values of regulated electricity networks’ assets. In a recent speech (available here), Garnaut said: “The falling costs of decentralised power and storage open up the possibility of reducing costs of power supply to users of power throughout the State. But only if the […]

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Chi-X demonstrates why governments should not protect monopolies

Yesterday, alternative share trading venue Chi-X announced the sale of its operations in Australia, Hong Kong and Japan, reportedly for about $570 million (for The Australian‘s coverage of the sale, see here). This serves as a reminded of the benefits of market reform and competition – and of the need to not let vested interests […]

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Taxi regulation in Adelaide – Darryl Gobbett

Regular contributor Darryl Gobbett on taxi regulation: The attitude of the SA Government to the licensing of Uber in SA should get us all thinking about what is the purpose of the regulation of taxis in the SA metropolitan area. (As an aside readers should note Section 45 (2) of the Passenger Transport Act 1994 […]

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