Shandre Thangavelu

Shandre Thangavelu

Shandre Thangavelu

Shandre is Associate Professor in the University of Adelaide’s Institute for International Trade (IIT) and the Regional Director (Southeast Asia) of IIT’s Centre for Economic Studies.

He is an active researcher on human capital development, technology transfer, foreign direct investment, trade, government infrastructure investment, productivity and economic growth. Shandre has written extensively on technology transfer and economic growth in major international journals, including Applied Economics, Empirical Economics, Journal of Economic Development, Journal of Economic Studies and World Economy.

In conjunction with his IIT role, Shandre currently serves as:

  • Senior Consultant to the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore;
  • Managing Editor of the Asian Economic Journal;
  • Senior Research Fellow at the Leverhulme Centre for Research on Globalisation & Economic Policy, University of Nottingham; and
  • Faculty (Research) Associate at Institute of Policy Studies at the LKY School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore (NUS).

Recently, Shandre was attached as the Head of the Economics Unit, Ministry of Manpower, under the Economist Service to Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Manpower in Singapore. He has worked on a number of international projects commissioned by the Asian Productivity Organisation (APO) on the measurement of aggregate productivity for the Singapore economy, as well as the World Bank project on structural changes and skill-mismatch. Shandre has also served as a country expert on the Expert Group EFTA Study Phase II that comprised experts from ASEAN, China, Korea and Japan.

Prior to joining the University of Adelaide, Shandre was the Director of SCAPE (Singapore Centre for Applied and Policy Economics) in the Department of Economics at NUS. He also served a term as Assistant Dean of NUS’ Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Shandre earned his MA and PhD from Queen’s University, Canada, where he specialised in macroeconomics, trade international finance, financial markets and economic development.

More information is available on Shandre here.