Launch of Digital Identity by Clare Sullivan

Digital Identity: an emergent legal concept was launched by the ANU College of Law’s Dr Gregor Urbas on Wednesday, 10 November 2010, in the Adelaide Law School’s Moot Court.

Dr Urbas said in his speech that :”Clare’s central insight, if it is permissible for me to summarise it in far fewer words than it really merits, is the idea that personal identity in cyberspace is capable of legal recognition and protection, but in a particularised form – rather than focusing on the (often fairly fictionalised) “digital personality” or avatar used in social media and online gaming, as some other commentators have, she hones in on the concept of a digital “transactional identity” as a more functional online representation of persons in their dealings with government, financial institutions and the like. Making an important distinction, Clare convincingly argues that the interest each of us has in such an online identity is not reducible to a privacy interest or an aspect of protecting sensitive information – indeed, much of what is encompassed in transactional identity is mundane public information about a person, such as name, date of birth etc. – but its importance in modern life is such that, without an online identity, we would be robbed of many rights and entitlements that our interactions with government, the commercial world and so afford.”

cover of Digital Identity

Digital Identity

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