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Dangerous Ideas: Women’s Liberation – Women’s Studies – Around the World

Dangerous Ideas explores sex and love, politics and performance, joy and anguish in a collection of essays focussed on the history and politics of the Women’s Liberation Movement and one of its offshoots, Women’s Studies, in Australia and around the world. Download the PDF edition for free:

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Empire Girls: the colonial heroine comes of age

  The traditional young, male hero of a Bildungsroman successfully overcomes the challenges of growing up and eventually turns into a happy and accepted member of society. What happens, however, if you change the hero’s gender and move the Bildungsroman plot into a colonial setting? Using examples from Australia, South Africa and Canada, Mandy Treagus’s Empire […]

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Engaging Carol Bacchi

Professor Carol Bacchi is internationally renowned for her innovative contributions to feminist theory, critical policy studies, and post-structuralist theory. Engaging Carol Bacchi reflects on her lifetime work and even includes two chapters of her own reflections. Download a FREE pdf of the whole book or buy a paperback copy.

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