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Is a book a book if it’s not printed?

The book that we know and trust, with printed paper pages and bound in any number of covers, began life around 1439 when Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type. The impact was immediate and long-lasting.  Suddenly texts that could only be hand-copied in small numbers and circulated among a tightly controlled few could be reproduced by […]

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University of Adelaide Press Launch, 23 October 2009

READ John Coetzee’s speech below or download his speech as a PDF. There is a rhetorical strategy, used by prosecutors in law-courts in Roman times, which works roughly as follows. “Marcus Publius Maro is before us charged with defaulting on a debt of two hundred sesterces. Defaulting on a debt: that is the offence with which he […]

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Booker Prize winner launches new uni press

Nobel Prize-winning author and 2009 Man Booker Prize candidate JM Coetzee will launch the new University of Adelaide Press. Professor Coetzee, a visiting Professor of Humanities at the University of Adelaide, is expected to attract a large crowd of visiting dignitaries and academics to the launch on Friday 23 October. While the University has been […]

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