Research Seminar Series | About the “semiotic self” | Thursday 22 September 2016

Presented by Professor Susan Petrilli, Dept of Human Sciences, Languages & Arts, University of Bari (Italy)

Date: Thursday 22 September 2016

Time: 1-2pm

Location: Room 526, Level 5 Hughes Building, North Terrace Campus

No RSVP required, all welcome!

Abstract: This talk examines the problem of subjectivity from a semiotic perspective, as a sign phenomenon. Reference is above all to the research of scholars of the sign from modernity, in particular Charles S. Pierce, Victoria Welby, and Thomas A. Sebeok, but also Charles Morris, Mikhail Bakhtin and Emmanuel Levinas. Sebeok introduced the happy expression “Semiotic self”, a concept he elaborated in the context of his “Global Semiotics”, which I have used as the title of this paper and a starting point for my own work on this specific topic keeping account of some recent developments in semiotic research.

Speakers: Susan Petrilli is the seventh Thomas A. Sebeok Fellow of the Semiotic Society of America and professor of philosophy of language and semiotics at the University of Bari, Aldo Moro, Italy. She is also a Visiting Research Fellow at the School of Psychology in Adelaide. Her principal research areas include philosophy of language, semiotics, bio-semiotics, general linguistics, communication studies, translation theory, theory of literary language, critical whiteness studies, and gender and identity studies. She has been Vice President of the International Association for Semiotic Studies since 2014. Petrilli is the co-author, with Augusto Ponzio, of Semiotics Unbounded and Signifying Understanding, as well as the 2000 monograph L’io semiotico (with Thomas Sebeok and Augusto Ponzio). Her most recent book is the 2013 The Self as a Sign, the World, and the Other, which builds on L’io semiotico.

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