DON’T PANIC – Surviving Extremes: Catalyst, ABC1 1st December at 7.30pm

How would your family cope in a Category 3 tropical cyclone?

Or a catastrophic bushfire?

Two volunteer Australian families – two terrifying natural disasters.
In this ABC TV disaster special, two spectacularly-staged disaster scenarios will be thrown at two unsuspecting Australian families.  Are they ready?  Are you?

What would you do if a natural disaster was heading for you? Would you panic? We like to think we’d react well, but the truth is, most of us wouldn’t – for a very basic reason – our brains partially shut down, and we can react in really weird and potentially dangerous ways.

On the first day of summer ABC1’s Catalyst will broadcast a TV event where Dr Jonica Newby uncovers the links between climate change, human psychology and disastrous bushfires and cyclones.

The bushfire and cyclone disaster scenarios featured in DON’T PANIC have been created in consultation with top experts from the Bureau of Meteorology, NSW Rural Fire Service, NSW State Emergency Service, Disaster Australia, Geoscience Australia and the Floodplain Management Association.

Contributing to this discussion are:
Dr Rob Gordon, Clinical Psychologist
Prof Sandy McFarlane AO, Psychiatrist, Director of the Centre for Traumatic Stress Studies, The University of Adelaide
Ian Mannix, Head of ABC Radio Emergency Broadcasting Service
Inspector Ben Shepherd, Media Officer at NSW Rural Fire Service

ABC1, December 1st 2013, 7.30pm


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