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When did government accountability stop making sense?

Today, government accountability is generally accepted as a desirable goal. There is a public expectation that governments and their agencies will be able to be brought to account in a variety of ways – whether that be through traditional mechanisms such as parliamentary oversight, or through the growing proliferation of specialist accountability bodies including Ombudsmen, […]

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Same Sex (Same Old) Marriage

Australian politics is abuzz with debate on whether to redefine marriage to allow the union of two people regardless of their sex. Adelaide Law School’s Kellie Toole takes on the legal institution of marriage, asking not whether same-sex marriage should be legalised in Australia, but whether marriage should be de-legalised. New Zealand, England and Wales joining […]

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Adam Webster

In 2014 Adam will be teaching in Foundations of Law, Law of Torts, Principles of Public Law and Australian Legal History. He has also previously taught Australian Constitutional Law. Adam’s research interests include Australian Constitutional Law, Legal History and Water Law.

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