Dr Anna Goldsworthy

Dr Anna Goldsworthy grew up in Adelaide and found her future career path from an early age, when she was accepted into the University of Adelaide’s Elder Conservatorium. “Meeting my teacher Eleonora Sivan when I was nine equipped me with a sense of musical vocation,” says Anna, “and my research activities have grown out of that.”

Anna completed a Bachelor of Music (Honours) degree, before leaving Adelaide in 1996 for further study. In 2013, the University established the J.M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice and this provided Anna with a creative opportunity she couldn’t resist; she returned to Adelaide to take up a position as Research Fellow at the centre.

Anna’s research takes the form of creative practice and she has multiple projects underway involving both her chosen disciplines, music and writing. These include:

  • Jokes on Wheels, a coming-of-age novel set in Adelaide, funded with assistance from Arts SA.
  • Seraphim Discovery Program, a multi-platform educational program introducing children and new audiences to classical music and chamber music. It incorporates a radio documentary, online 3D video exploration and children’s CD, alongside regional performances and schools residencies throughout South Australia.
  • Beethoven Trios, a multi-faceted project researching performance practice in Beethoven’s piano trios, and forging pathways to community engagement in this repertoire, through: new-format immersive concert experiences; pop-up recitals; national concert series; interactive concert installations; collaboration with street artist Peter Drew; and radio documentaries.
  • Beyond the Stage: interpreting history through performing arts practice, a project which aims to: create a definitive account of the impact of World War 1 on musical, operatic, and theatrical performances and their reception in South Australia during the period 1914-1920; interpret through performance the findings of the archival research; and design, apply and advocate by way of example a collaborative material history research methodology that is interdisciplinary in its approach and cross-media in its modes of dissemination.

“The goal of my music-based research is to sustain and reanimate the classical/chamber music tradition, to ensure its survival and proliferation in the future.”

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