Dr Michael Sheng

Since its birth in the early 1990s, the World Wide Web has changed our world and society quickly and profoundly, by sharing knowledge and connecting people. Very recently, the Web has begun to connect ordinary things in the physical world, moving towards a so-called Web of Things (WoT). WoT is widely regarded as the ultimate goal of the World Wide Web, and offers exciting capabilities to change the world and improve the quality of human lives in the coming decade.

Advancing the Web technologies – and particularly WoT is the main research focus for Associate Professor Michael Sheng, Deputy Head of the School of Computer Science at the University of Adelaide.

Michael has recently been awarded a prestigious ARC Future Fellowship (2014-2018), with total funding of $757,452. His ARC Future Fellowship project focuses on the most fundamental research question of WoT: how to efficiently and effectively manage billions of things over the future World Wide Web.

Michael is investigating this key problem and developing novel techniques for linking resource-constrained things to the Web, searching them using a new search engine, as well as discovering latent relationships among things for advanced management tasks, such as things recommendation and composition.

Michael is also currently leading two ARC Discovery Projects. One project focuses on understanding human activities using low-cost, unobtrusive radio-frequency identification (RFID) and sensor technologies, which holds the potential to help the ageing population live better. The other project focuses on truth discovery from diverse, noisy, and large data sources available on the Web.

In 2012, Michael won the Chris Wallace Award for outstanding research contribution, which is the most prestigious award in computer science, given to only one person each year in Australia and New Zealand. His research has attracted more than $2.6M and he has published close to 200 papers in world-leading journals. Michael’s research has been highly cited by his international peers and he is listed as one of the “Top Most Cited Authors” in the World Wide Web research area (ranked 133 out of 49,350 authors, top 0.26%) by Microsoft Academic Search.

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