Assoc Prof. Jeremy Thompson

Jeremy Thompson’s research has two main goals:
– enabling infertile couples to achieve a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby following treatment
– maximising the reproductive potential of livestock species to provide farmers with better quality and ethical livestock production systems that makes economic sense.

Although seemingly diverse, both objectives hinge on the production of healthy embryos. “I am inspired by the feeling of awe when I look down a microscope at a living early embryo,” Jeremy says. “Regardless of species, there’s an appreciation that this is the beginning of a whole new life. I never get tired of watching early embryos grow – they are fascinating.”

A NHMRC Senior Research Fellow, based in the University of Adelaide’s School of Paediatrics and Reproductive Health, Jeremy’s research is focused on discovering the determinants of developmental potential within mammalian oocytes (eggs) and early embryos. Specifically, he investigates the metabolic regulation of oocyte and early embryo health and what maternal factors influence this.

Along with collaborations on the roles of oocyte-secreted growth factors and reproductive tract cytokines, he is interested in how the mother’s metabolic health during the first few days of conception influences long-term health and development outcomes.

Jeremy is Head of the Early Development Group at the University’s Robinson Research Institute and also holds the position of Biological Challenge Leader at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale Biophotonics.

As well as being the recipient of four current NHMRC grants, Jeremy is passionate about commercialisation of research and he partly funds his research team by commercial contracts. He has had a relationship of over 20 years with medical device manufacturer Cook Medical, and he also generates his own research income through a University business unit, IVF Vet Solutions, which was initiated with a University CASS grant.

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