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Emulating nature’s perfect pursuit

Researchers have discovered the secrets of the dragonfly’s incredible ability to pursue and catch moving prey, and successfully applied them in an autonomous robot. Read more


Gravity speaks

The discovery of gravitational waves could allow some of the universe’s greatest secrets to be answered Read more


Optic-fibre sensors enabling aircraft, ships to self-diagnose corrosion

In the near future, corrosion checks for critical defence assets may be a simple matter of running a laser over them, thanks to groundbreaking new research. Read more


Ovaries reveal keys to managing fertility and obesity

Research into the proper functioning of the ovary is revealing exciting new directions for improved fertility management, policymaking in relation to obesity, and even enhanced animal breeding. Read more


Quick smart: AI disease diagnosis now a reality

A collaboration between the University’s Australian Centre for Visual Technologies (ACVT) and Adelaide-based LBT Innovations (LBT) has given humanity a powerful new weapon in the fight against infectious disease. Read more


Making computers see

Saving our defence force countless man-hours through the development of an artificial intelligence system that enables computers to answer questions about the content of images. Read more

Connected to country: Australia’s genetic history

DNA in hair samples collected from Aboriginal people is reconstructing a remarkable 50,000 year history and revealing the deep origins of Aboriginal cultural attachment to place Read more

Lab testing

Producing market-ready low-emissions fuel from food waste

Four major global and national challenges - clean energy, food wastage, competition for arable land, and energy security - are being addressed by a new solar-driven liquid-fuel production method set to power aircraft and agricultural vehicles. Read more

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Nurturing the innovation generation

A new generation of University of Adelaide students are preparing to take our urban lives to entirely new levels of sophistication, satisfaction and sustainability. Read more

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Peace, serenity and microbial transfer

This much we know: biodiverse urban green spaces are good for us. Read more

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Augmenting community harmony and understanding

The concept of Smart Cities is often linked with the use of advanced “big data” technology to inform safer, more efficient services and living environments. Read more

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Roads better travelled

Thanks to a new wave of technological innovation, Smart Cities are set to achieve higher levels of transport safety and efficiency than previously thought possible. Read more


Superbug advance: detecting hidden bacteria opens door for treatment

Identification of superbug bacteria paves the way for new therapies and improved water purification in developing countries. Read more


Enabling best-practice emergency communications in developing countries

In partnership with UNICEF, we have created a toolkit to help rapidly generate life-saving communication plans in local emergencies. Read more


Reading the Neandertal smile

Groundbreaking analysis of preserved Neandertal oral bacteria has provided the world’s first genetic evidence of their lifestyles. Read more


Taking up the fight against meningococcal B

A landmark study on a meningococcal B vaccine could result in it being re-considered for funding in Australia and overseas. Read more


Shortening the road to recovery following lower-limb fracture

Enabling more lower-limb fracture patients to recover their normal level of functioning. Read more


Could healthier gums help Indigenous beat kidney disease?

Our Indigenous Oral Health Unit looks into one of Indigenous Australians’ greatest health threats—chronic kidney disease. Read more


Aiding early diagnosis of autism and intellectual disability

A large international study has identified 38 novel genes for autism and intellectual disability, raising hopes for more accurate diagnoses and earlier interventions. Read more


Putting the brakes on prostate cancer

An international research team has discovered a key factor in the spread of prostate cancer. Read more


Career able: empowering people with disability to find meaningful work

An online resource for people living with disability is set to improve the confidence and wellbeing of users, and boost the national economy. Read more


Harnessing big data to protect SA’s children

Whole-of-government database to “join the dots” enabling more effective interventions for children at risk of harm or poor health outcomes. Read more


Sports engineers design world’s fastest and coolest helmets

Our sports engineers have teamed up with Swiss company Scott Sports to help develop the world's fastest road cycling helmet. Read more


Streamlining the development of constrained-space combat systems

Advanced modelling technology is helping the Australian Defence Force develop high-performing constrained-space combat systems with remarkable precision and efficiency. Read more


Keeping ADF communications at the cutting edge

For nearly 30 years, the Centre for Defence Communications and Information Networking has played a leading role in ensuring our armed forces’ operational IT systems remain the equal of, if not superior to, any in the world. Read more