Category: Researcher profiles


Assoc Prof. Jeremy Thompson

Working in reproductive health, across both humans and livestock, Jeremy explores the determinants of developmental potential within mammalian oocytes and early embryos. Read more


Dr Giang Nguyen

ARC Future Fellow Giang Nguyen seeks to better predict collapse at underground mine sites by understanding the way materials behave under various environmental and load conditions Read more


Sarah Catalano

Sarah's research relates to Marine Parasitology and Molecular Evolution. Her PhD has added a wealth of knowledge to dicyemid faunal composition and ecology in Australian waters Read more


Harsha Padmanabhan

PhD Student Harsha is developing non-invasive gene therapy treatment for Cystic fibrosis patients, in the form of an aerosol spray. Read more


Alexander Robson

Alexander's research in Structural Geology involves analysis of the subsurface geology in the Ceduna Sub-Basin. Read more


Dr Deirdre Zander-Fox

Working on improving clinical IVF laboratory technology, Deirdre is particularly interested in the impact of the environment during embryo development. Read more


Dr Cris Birzer

The development of humanitarian technologies for resource-constrained countries and regions can help save millions of lives every year, and improve the quality of life for billions Read more


Dr Michael Sheng

Advancing the Web technologies – and particularly Web of Things ( WoT) is the main research focus for Michael Sheng. Read more


Assoc Prof. Simon Baxter

Simon’s research focuses on identifying genetic mutations that cause insecticide resistance. Read more


Dr Anna Goldsworthy

Anna’s research takes the form of creative practice and she has multiple projects underway involving both her chosen disciplines: music and writing Read more


Dr Damien Fordham

Damien, an ARC Future Fellow working in the University’s Environment Institute, conducts research focused on the causes and consequences of extinction Read more


Prof. Deb White

Deb's research focuses on the treatment of patients with chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) and acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL). Read more


Kristin Carson

Kristin's PhD focuses on on treatment options for tobacco cessation, particularly among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Read more


Chaolei Yuan

Acid sulfate soils have the potential to cause damage to our wildlife and waterways. PhD student, Chaolei, is looking at ways to remediate these soils, through the addition of organic matter. Read more