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Thought for food

Food production and processing is going through its biggest transformation since the industrial revolution. Read more

Connected to country: Australia’s genetic history

DNA in hair samples collected from Aboriginal people is reconstructing a remarkable 50,000 year history and revealing the deep origins of Aboriginal cultural attachment to place Read more

Smart research powers smart cities

The University of Adelaide’s Australian Smart Cities Consortium works with state and local government, industry and entrepreneurs, to improve the experiences of people living in our cities. Read more

The best defence is good research

Our world-class researchers work in partnership with defence and industry to develop innovative technologies that help give our Australian Defence Force a real edge. Read more

Tequila plant offers fuel for the future

Agave, the plant best known for producing tequila, shows promise as a source of biofuel and other biochemical products. Read more

Edible insects

Growing concerns over food security mean we may need to consider alternative sources of protein in the future. Could edible insects be the solution? Read more

Cookstoves for the developing world

Dr Cris Birzer develops humanitarian technologies for resource-constrained countries and regions Read more

Conservation drones

Dr Lian Pin Koh is helping to protect threatened tropical ecosystems through the use of drone technology Read more

Indigenous health and tobacco cessation

Tobacco use for Indigenous Australians is 2.5 times greater than the non-Indigenous Population. PhD candidate, Kristin Carson seeks to close this gap. Read more

Infertility and Clinical In Vitro Fertilisation

Dr Deirdre Zander-Fox is improving clinical IVF laboratory technology to benefit infertile patients Read more

Barley breeding

The barley varieties developed by the University’s Barley Breeding Program account for approximately half of Australia’s barley production. Associate Professor Jason Eglinton leads the Program. Read more