National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC): Partnerships for Better Health Projects (Partnership Projects)

NHMRC Partnerships for Better Health – Partnership Projects (Partnership Projects) will help create partnerships among decision makers, policy makers, managers, clinicians and researchers. This funding scheme provides funding and support to create new opportunities for researchers and policy makers to work together to define research questions and undertake research and also to interpret and implement the findings.

Partnership Projects will answer a specific research question to influence health and well-being through changes in the delivery, organisation, funding and access to health services.

Continuous Application Process

This scheme allows applicants to apply at any time during the year rather than through just one annual round. This process also allows researchers and partner organisations to develop timely collaborations. As each round closes, the next round will open on the following day. The peer review process is streamlined to allow multiple rounds during the year. The grant commencement date is not fixed for 1 January – it will be aligned with the timing of each round. Therefore, funding will be provided more quickly after grants are awarded/announced and when all necessary documentation is in place.

Further Information

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