Found Animals Foundation: Michelson Grant

Found Animals invites applications for the Michelson grants in reproductive biology. These support research in pursuit of a single-dose, permanent, non-surgical sterilisation product or technology for use in male and female dogs and cats.

Projects must pursue a technology, mechanism or pathway representing an innovative approach to non-surgical sterilisation. Investigators are encouraged to submit proof of concept studies in cell culture or rodents, or in dogs and cats. Candidates should consider the programme’s goal of bringing to market a low-cost, permanent, non-surgical sterilant or sterilants that will have a maximum impact in addressing populations of animals driving shelter intake.

Funding & Duration

Found Animals offers Michelson Grants of up to USD $250,000 (approx. AUD $345,000) per year for up to three years.


Applications are open for any entity, including academic institutions, biotechnology firms, research institutions, and well-qualified individuals or groups. Applications from a wide range of disciplines, including biotechnology, bioengineering, cell biology, endocrinology, gene silencing, immunology, materials science, nanotechnology, neuroscience, pharmacology, reproductive biology and theriogenology, are encouraged.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

A Letter of Intent (LOI) may be submitted at any time. It is anticipated that LOIs will be reviewed within one month of submission.

Further Information

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