Wellcome Trust: Medical Humanities – Small Grants

The Medical Humanities funding stream encourages bold and intellectually rigorous research applications that address important questions at the interface of medicine, health-related sciences, and the wider humanities.

The Small Grants Scheme within this funding stream is for small-scale research projects, scoping exercises or meetings in the medical humanities, including projects in research resources. Research does not necessarily have to be historically grounded.

These awards can support experienced researchers based in the UK and the Republic of Ireland who wish to carry out a modest programme of study on a specific topic in the medical humanities here or abroad. Applications may be made from scholars based outside the UK or the Republic of Ireland who wish to carry out a short-term period of research in one of these countries.

Research trips under this scheme may be to consult libraries or archives.

This scheme can also provide institutions with financial support for conferences (or a session within a conference), symposia, seminar series, and so on.

Funding & Duration

The normal maximum that can be applied for is £5,000 (approx. AUD $9,300). If you intend to use the grant to hold an international meeting, or attract international speakers, up to £10,000 (approx. AUD $18,600) may be requested.


Applicants must be based in, or travelling to, the UK or the Republic of Ireland. Visits under this scheme may be to consult libraries or archives. Study or lecture tours, meetings of a professional or vocational nature, and attendance of workshops, symposia and overseas conferences are normally excluded.

Submission Requirements

While applications are assessed at regular intervals please note that there is a longer gap between November of one year and February of the next. Should you be seeking funding for a project with a start date during January or February you should aim to have your application submitted by mid October of the previous year.


Further Information

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