Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund: Grants 2015

The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund has been established to provide targeted grants to individual species conservation initiatives, recognise leaders in the field and elevate the importance of species in the broader conservation debate.

Its focus is global and eligibility for grants will extend to all plant, animal and fungi species conservation efforts, without discrimination on the basis of region or selected species.


The Fund will award grants to a maximum of US $25,000.


The Fund was established to support species conservation work, and so projects related to an endangered species will not be considered. The Fund will use the IUCN Redlist as the primary guide to the conservation status of a given species.

Anyone directly involved in species conservation can apply to the Fund for a grant.

Submission Requirements

Applications must be accompanied by a signed and completed copy of the University’s Grant Application Cover Sheet. Submissions may be emailed to the Research Branch unless otherwise specified.

Grants Officer: Dr Don McMaster


Further Information

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