Nature Foundation SA: Research Project Grants 2015

Nature Foundation SA provides small grants for projects that contribute to the conservation of plants, species and habitat in the South Australian environment.

Funding & Duration

Not specified.


A Project may be supported if it:

  • assists South Australian wildlife or the natural environment
  • is compatible with the aims & philosophy of NFSA, in particular, research which assists the implementation of the Conservation Management Plans for NFSA properties

Conservation Research on NFSA Properties,  or in association with NFSA Projects.

NFSA encourages research that informs the management of its properties: Witchelina, Tiliqua, Para Woodlands, Cygnet Park Sanctuary and Hiltaba.

Submission Requirements & Internal Due Date

Applications must be submitted for internal review by 23 February 2015.

Please send a signed scanned first page of your application, and a full version of the application as a word doc to

Research Branch will sign off on the final version and will print the required 7 copies.  Please also send a completed and signed Grant Application Cover Sheet.

Further Information

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