University of Adelaide & North Carolina State University: Joint Call for Starter Grants for Research Collaboration 2015

The strategic partnership between the University of Adelaide and North Carolina State University is a preferred relationship to leverage complementary strengths and trans-disciplinary scholarship to advance research collaboration as well as academic exchanges. UA and NC State University are now accepting proposals for the development of research collaboration. Funds will support international activities leading to high quality research collaborations.

These awards are designed to provide pump-priming and early contact partner outreach with the expectation that they will lead on to more substantive engagement resulting in high quality outputs, such as international research training for graduate students or early career faculty, publication of joint papers from collaborative research, or follow-on joint research bids.

Funding & Duration

Matching funding of up to US $10,000 and AUD $10,000 from each institution to the NC State and University of Adelaide collaborators respectively, will be made available for travel, and to seed research costs.


Proposals are invited from permanent, tenured or tenure track faculty or research professionals at NC State (those who comply with Sponsored Programs eligibility requirements) and academic and research only staff at the University of Adelaide.

Key Documents

Submission Requirements & Internal Due Date

Applications must be submitted for internal review by 20 March 2015.

Jointly-drafted proposals should be submitted to Dr. Don McMaster, University of Adelaide, by the lead faculty/Principal Investigator.


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