Birdlife Australia: Conservation Grants Scheme 2015

BirdLife Australia accepts applications for financial assistance for projects pertaining to Australian native birds and their habitats from any person or institution (whether public or private) to:

  • undertake research and investigation, eg study the needs of birds in their habitat;
  • carry out voluntary conservation work, eg maintain, improve or extend habitat for birds;
  • develop and execute education and information programs that educate the public to become more aware of birds and their habitat requirements;
  • develop management plans or techniques related to conservation of native birds and their habitats.

Funding & Duration

Individual grant applications exceeding $5,000 are unlikely to be funded in full.

Funding will be allocated for a specific, clearly defined project that is planned for completion, under normal circumstances, within 12 months.


The Sponsor accepts applications for an individual or institution pertaining to Australian native birds and their habitats.

Submission Requirements & Internal Due Date

Applications must be submitted for internal review by 22 May 2015.

Submitted applications must be accompanied by a signed and completed copy of the University’s Grant Application Cover Sheet.

Applications may be emailed to the Research Branch unless otherwise specified.


Further Information

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