Royal Society of South Australia (RSSA): Small Research Grants Scheme 2015

RSSA awards small grants for research work in the following fields: ecology, botany, zoology, geology, geomorphology, palaeontology, geophysics, anthropology, soil science, environmental science, environmental remediation, and archaeology.

The aim of the scheme is to promote high quality natural history research that is unlikely to be funded through larger competitive grant schemes.

Funding & Duration

In 2015 the RSSA has a total of $10,000 for research grants.

Each applicant may apply for funding of up to $2,500. The number of grants awarded will depend on the quality of applications and the budgets requested.

Funding is for up to 12 months.


The Primary Applicant must be a member of the RSSA (other named applicants do not have to be members).

Non-members who wish to apply are encouraged to join the Society. If the applicant is a student member of the RSSA, one of their supervisors must also be a member of the RSSA.

Recipients are to give an oral presentation to an Ordinary meeting of the society within 18 months of being awarded the grant. Recipients are strongly encouraged to submit project findings for publication in the Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia.

Submission Requirements & Internal Due Date

Applications must be submitted for internal review by 24 July 2015.

Submitted applications must be accompanied by a signed and completed copy of the University’s Grant Application Cover Sheet.

Applications may be emailed to the Research Branch unless otherwise specified.


Further Information

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