National Science Week 2015: National Science Communication Challenge

Date: Saturday, August 15 2015 till Sunday, August 23 2015
Time: Starts 9am

Topics: Archaeology and antiquity, Human body and movement, Energy and transport, Environment and nature, Health and medical, Space and astronomy, Innovation and technology.

About the Challenge

Making science accessible to the public is crucial. Losing the essence of the science can be damaging. Who better to communicate the science than the scientist?

During National Science Week 2015, will be hosting the inaugural National Science Communication Challenge.

Early career researchers from across the country will be making their science accessible by bringing to you their own Scien-gist!

Further Information

Find out more on the Challenge website or via Facebook and Twitter.

Better yet, you can ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE by submitting your own Scien-gist!

Submission deadline: 14 August, 2015.


Katherine Faull
T: 0424 831 381


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