Australia-India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF): Collaborative Research Projects (Round 9)

The Fund’s Collaborative Research Projects link Australian and Indian research institutions, as well as industry and/or other end user partners, collaborating on a single substantial project or conducting a range of research-related activities in a specified field.

Projects are offered under two different streams:

  1. Indo-Australian Science and Technology Fund
  2. Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund

Funding Priorities

Indo-Australian Science and Technology Fund:

  • Clean energy technologies and energy storage technologies that are efficient, cost-effective and reliable (e.g. solar, hydro)
  • Smart grids that can readily integrate energy from all sources, including low- and zero-carbon sources, and/or help to reduce technical and commercial losses from electricity networks
  •  Low emission energy production from fossil fuels (e.g. clean coal, coal seam gas, and shale gas)
  • New materials for energy

Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund:

Food and agribusiness

  • Biotechnological interventions for improved agricultural productivity targeting food security
  • Biotechnological interventions for soil improvement and remediation

Clean energy technologies

  • Bioenergy and biofuels

Funding & Duration

Outcomes of Round 9 are expected to be announced in February/March 2016, with projects starting by June 2016.

Funding of $500,000 – $1,000,000 is available to each successful Australian applicant, and will be aimed at projects that can demonstrate a clear path to end use. Applicants can apply to undertake a collaborative research project in the funding priority areas listed above, under either the AISRF’s Indo-Australian Science and Technology Fund, or the Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund component.


  • To determine your eligibility, view the AISRF guidelines.
  • Only one application per institution permitted. Please refer to Submission Requirements below for details.

Submission Requirements

Only one application is permitted per institution. As such, please email an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Research Branch by 4 September 2015.

Your email should contain:

  • Name of Chief Investigator
  • Demonstrable links to Indian research partner/s
  • Summary of intended research project
  • A copy of Chief Investigator’s CV
  • Benefits the project will bring to the Chief Investigator/researchers involved.
  • Benefits the project will bring to the University.

EOI’s may be emailed to

Full-applications will be invited from a short list.

Further Information

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