SPIN Research-Funding Database: user-profiles moved to new web-platform

InfoEd Global have recently migrated all SPIN user-profiles to the new, improved SPIN website.

You can now login to your profile and edit any settings directly from the SPIN home-page:

New to SPIN?

SPIN is a powerful research-grants database containing 40,000+ opportunities from more than 10,000 sponsors.

SPIN may be accessed from any computer on the University network. University students and staff can obtain a SPIN user-profile for off-campus use, or to access SPIN’s advanced features.

Signing up for a Profile – Staff & Students Working On-Campus:

  • Login to SPIN
  • Create a SPIN User-Profile for Advanced Features
  • For off-campus access, or to sign-in for advanced features, follow the instructions below to create a user profile:
  • go to the SPIN home-page
  • click on ‘Sign In’
  • click on ‘Need to create a new profile?’
  • enter your details and click ‘Save’
  • Once your account has been validated by the Research Branch, you will receive an email with your login and password details.

See also Create a SPIN Profile fact sheet (PDF)

Obtaining a SPIN Profile – for Staff & Students Working Off-Campus:

If you are working off-campus (as an Affiliate Titleholder, for example, or from interstate/overseas) please email the Research Branch and request for a SPIN profile to be created for you:

Once your account has been created by the Research Officer, you will receive an email with your login and password details, and may access SPIN from any global location.

Further Resources

For information regarding research funding opportunities, visit the Research Branch website:


Samara Mitchell, Research Information Officer for the Research Branch

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