SafeWork SA: Work Health and Safety Commissioned Research Grants 2015

Work Health and Safety (WHS) Commissioned Research Grants are to assist South Australian university-based or independent researchers to undertake applied research with the ultimate aim of prevention of workplace injury and illness in South Australia with a strong focus on practical application.

Funding & Duration

$650,000 of combined funding is available each financial year for new projects under all grants programs, including the Commissioned Research Grants. While there is no funding limit for a single CRG project, an application for more than $125,000 would need a strong justification.

Projects should be completed within the shortest possible time after the contract is executed; and normally not exceed more than three years.


Please refer to the Information for Applicants document (PDF) for eligibility & selection criteria.

Submission Requirements & Internal Due Date

Other Schemes within this Program

Further Information

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