AXA Research Fund: Postdoctoral Fellowships 2016

The mission of the AXA Research Fund is to support academic research dedicated to a better understanding of important hazards, risks and threats and current global societal challenges within three clusters: socioeconomic risks, environmental risks and life risks.

Institutions selected are then invited to put forward nominees: it is their responsibility to identify and submit the names of the best possible candidates to participate in the Post-Doctoral Fellowships campaign. Those candidates will subsequently be expected to submit an application presenting their research project, to be carried out at the host institution that nominated them.

Funding & Duration

Each year, the AXA Research Fund offers 25 Post-Doctoral Fellowships to outstanding researchers.

Each grant amounts to €130,000 (approx AUD $210,000)  for a duration of 24 months.



The AXA Research Fund partners with academic institutions only.

Host institutions must be registered within the AXA Research Fund’s database. The University of Adelaide is a registered institution.

These types of institutions are not eligible for funding at the AXA Research Fund:

  • Foundations and financing Organisations
  • Hospitals
  • Faculties or Departments within Institutions
  • NGOs
  • Institutions performing Research and Development and performing research meant for commercial purposes

Postdoctoral Fellows

A Post-Doctoral Fellow can be presented through one institution only and must not be holding a permanent academic position. The candidate must have been awarded his/her first PhD (or equivalent doctoral degree) within the 5 years preceding the submission of the proposal, based on the deadline for light proposals (see due dates listed below)

Submission Requirements & Due Dates

Further Information

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