International Association for Dental Research: IADR/GlaxoSmithKline Innovation in Oral Care Awards 2015

These innovation awards offer opportunities for investigators to conduct dental research that will have a direct impact on the oral health of the public. The Award(s) will be provided in the form of an unrestricted research grant.

Funding & Duration

Competitive awards of up to US $75,000 each (approx AUD $107,000) will be provided to recipients to advance oral care programs directed toward the development of innovative and novel compounds, biomaterials or devices that can be used ultimately at the public health level.


The principal investigator listed in the application must be a current member of, or at the time of submission have made bona fide application to, IADR.

Proposals should be collaboratively sponsored by at least one researcher whose principal expertise is in an area of biotechnology other than a dental science. Applicants should possess advanced degrees and must hold an affiliation with an academic center, not-for-profit institution, or for-profit entities such as biotechnology start-up companies.

Submission Requirements

Further Information

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