National Breast Cancer Foundation: Conference Support 2015

This scheme supports scientific conferences on breast cancer that aim to build the capacity of the health and medical research workforce in Australia.


Up to a maximum of $15,000

Research Priorities

  • Prevention
  • Early diagnosis
  • Survivorship of all individuals and families living with a diagnosis of breast cancer
  • Advanced and/or metastatic disease
  • Translational research with the potential to deliver outcomes that are clinically relevant or otherwise ready to be implemented to facilitate prevention or improve the care of those with breast cancer
  • Multidisciplinary research, which encourages research across disciplines and academic boundaries
  • Health service delivery
  • To enable evidence-based, personalised medicine, including projects that improve access to data, enhance breast cancer prevention programmes or advance screening techniques

Particular consideration will be given to projects that are innovative, non-duplicative of other efforts and have the potential for national application.

Submission Requirements & Internal Due Date

Further Information

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